PURE LUXURY 2020 Spring Edition
12 March 2020, Moscow
PURE LUXURY 2020 Autumn Edition
17 September 2020, Moscow

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The registration for visitors of the Spring Edition of Pure Luxury workshop 2020 is not opened yet.

Pure Luxury workshop is a closed event, not for public and press.

Invitations will be sent only to Russian travel companies, specialized in VIP-tourism. Representatives of foreign DMCs and hotels also can't be registered as visitors of the event, they can be present as participants only.

If you didn't receive an invitation, but your Russian travel company specializes in VIP tourism, please fill in the form. Organizers have the right to decline a request for registration without declaring the reasons.

If you registration was not confirmed, we kindly ask you to avoid visiting the event, as the entrance will be allowed to registered visitors only.

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